Essential Oil Salve Recipe

I don't want to make my own, can I buy yours?

Sure can - I have a few 10ml and 2oz options available. You can pick them up at my doorstep or I can deliver/ship to you (for a fee). Purchase online with the button. If you're practicing at home and missing the essential oil salves I sometimes offer at the end of class, no worries - I got you! Below are step by step instructions on how to make your own at home, it's easy. You can get most of your ingredients right from Amazon too. All the ingredients you'll need are:

  • Good quality olive oil (You can infuse this with flowers if you want for 3-6 months before use)
  • Good quality coconut oil (I love Trader Joe's brand)
  • Beeswax pellets (I bought mine off Amazon)
  • Shea butter (optional, vitamin E also works)
  • Essential oils of your choice (I recommend using a high quality brand)
  • Large pot and smaller glass bowl (or double boiler)
  • Wooden spoon
  • Toothpick or skewer
  • Tins/jars for finished salve

To start, open up all of your jars/tins and lay them out. Decide which essential oils you'd like to use and add the oils to the containers. I usually add about 10 drops of oil to the small 10ml tins (bought on Amazon), and about 20-30 drops to the larger 2oz amber jars (note that amber jars are best to hold essential oil mixes). This also will give you an idea of about how much salve you'll need to make for measuring out your ingredients.

Add Drops


Now we need to create a double boiler (if you have one great, but I don't). I put a large pot with water and I place a glass container in the water. We'll be adding equal parts olive oil and coconut oil (I did 1/2 cup each for the amount I wanted to make), and beeswax (1 tablespoon for each 1/2 cup of coconut oil). Allow these to melt, stirring the mixture with a wooden spoon end.

Double Boiler   Add Beeswax. Add Olive Oil. Stir While Melting

Once all of the oil and beeswax is just about melted, you can add the shea butter (or vitamin e). I eyeball this amount, depending on how much moisturizing qualities you'd like your salve to have.

Add Shea

Continue to stir until the entire mixture is melted. Once melted, use caution (and an oven mitt) to pour your oil mixture into your prepped containers. The last step is to stir the mixture with the essential oil drops using a toothpick or skewer and let the tins sit to cool. Once they are hardened, you can place the tops on and use!

Pour into tins  Stir oils


If you are interested in purchasing salves from me, you can find them for purchase here.