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Welcome to our collection of yoga videos! You can choose to search for a specific video (by date of class, body focus, peak pose, etc) or open up one of the categories below to browse. If you have any issues, please email

Yoga with Weights
Yoga with the added challenge of weights. We'll flow through sequences with added reps of strengthening exercises.
1 video
45 minute full recorded classes meant to get you moving!
2 videos
For the advanced practitioner or intermediate looking to advance their practice.
3 videos
Slow Flow
We slow it down in this breath filled class, connecting a few breaths to each movement.
6 videos
Vinyasa-less Flow
Flow sequencing videos that do not included any (or minimal) traditional vinyasas (high to low pushup, updog, downdog).
6 videos
Short Sequences
Smaller chunks of practice (10-30 minutes) meant to give you a practice in the time you have available.
6 videos
For the beginner yogi looking to learn the basics or seasoned yogi wanting to reconnect to basics.
6 videos
Collection of meditations aimed to help you cultivate a daily meditation practice.
6 videos
Restorative Yoga
Calm your mind and body with our collection of restorative yoga segments, including meditation, myofascial release body work, and restorative asanas (poses).
8 videos
Body Focus
Yoga classes and sequences focusing on a specific body section or group of muscles.
11 videos
Peak Pose
Peak poses classes focus on preparing our bodies for specific poses through strengthening, stretching, and exploring.
12 videos
Morning Vinyasa
Vinyasa flow that starts gentle and is meant to energize and get you ready for your day!
14 videos
Vinyasa Flow
Movement and breath come together in these vinyasa flow classes that can feel like dancing on your mat. Suggest Spotify playlists included with 60 minute videos if you like to move to music.
45 videos
Full Recorded Classes
60 minute recorded classes to give you a full practice.
55 videos

Your Private Sessions

Below you will find videos only accessible by you. If you don’t have any listed and are interested in a private session, please reach out to me!