Yoga Video Library

It's a big week - check out all the news class details below!

Yoga Video Library Memberships Open

I am so excited about this new offering! I've worked really hard to create a platform where you can practice yoga on your own schedule and the time you have available. The on-demand video library is up and running and ready for you to check out!

In the library you'll find a variety of recorded classes and a growing selection of shorter offerings (myofascial release body work, meditation, warm-up and cool down sequences, 10-30 minute flow sequences, etc). I'm hoping to provide you with plenty of options that hit your schedule if you're unable to make it to a virtual class.

I do stand behind virtual classes being essential for the safety and growth of your practice, but I do realize that they aren't always feasible for everyone to commit an hour of their time at a specific time. You can see all the membership and hybrid package options here.

Plus - I'm offering 50% your first month of a video library membership to the first 10 members to sign up!


Balancing Half Moon. Sugarcane pose

What's on the schedule for this week? Check it out and sign up now:

Monday 6pm: Vinyasa flow working towards balancing half moon and sugarcane pose

Tuesday 6pm: Yoga with weights focusing on chest and shoulders

Thursday 6pm: Vinyasa flow with a body focus of chest opening

Friday 6pm: Vinyasa flow - slow soulful style

Saturday 1130am: New playlist drops!

Sunday 1130am: Vinyasa-less vinyasa flow


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See you on your mat!